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Create a More Positive Attitude with This Drumming Meditation Focused on Gratitude

Jeff Strong plays mid-theta tempos rhythms on a gonga drum to help you access a deep well of gratitude. Do this exercise regularly and watch your overall attitude improve.

Meditation: Exploring Rhythms to Uplift Your Mood

Need a lift? Enjoy this meditation with uplifting rhythms played on my Gonga drum.

How To Stop Aggressive Behavior and Anxiety Attacks with Drumming

How do I stop tantrums, anxiety attacks and escalating aggression with a 16 bar phrase?
Novelty, that’s how. Rhythm can do more than just calm the average person.

Here is a Mindfulness Meditation for Active Minds and ADD Brains

In this video I play randomly variable rhythms in 5 at four-beats-per-second to entrain active minds and ADD brains to a deep meditative state.

Learn to play the for healing in a free video workshop series:

Video: Mindfulness Meditation Tips for ADD or Active Minds

In this video I share a simple technique that people with ADD or active minds can use to get into their deepest meditations. Unlike the age-old 4/4 techniques that work for everyone else, adding rhythmic complexity and novelty helps the active mind successfully reach a deep meditative state.