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How to Practice Drums to Learn Quicker and Play Faster

In this video, I describe how I practice to keep developing my skills, even after over 40 years playing professionally. I show you the rhythms I play and explain how playing slowly is the quickest way to learn to play better (and faster).

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Autism Daily Newscast Reviews My Different Drummer Book

Autism Daily Newscast reviewMy book about the development and practice of REI, Different Drummer: One Man’s Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism, was recently reviewed by Autism Daily Newscast.

Here is an excerpt:

For anyone with an interest in the therapeutic aspect of music this is a gem of a book.  For parents wanting to explore different approaches to help their children it will make interesting reading.   As a lay person who just enjoys playing the odd CD I found myself a little overloaded with music and technology theory and was more interested in reading about how following a lifelong passion such as drumming can lead to the most unexpected places and discoveries.

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Different Drummer Book cover

“Different Drummer is a brave and open memoir of someone who has followed his passion and intuition and combined those with careful research to create something truly groundbreaking.”

Different Drummer has been out a few weeks and is beginning to get some attention (and user reviews). I’m excited about the response so far and I want to say thank you by offering 30 days of Brain Shift Radio if you buy the book before March 31st.

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Welcome to my blog

Even though I blog regularly on both my business sites – and – I’m just crazy enough to think I’ll have time to write something interesting here as well. The purpose of this blog site is for me to talk about the things that interest me personally rather than the research and whatnot of my businesses.

So, welcome to the ramblings of an adult with ADHD. I plan to talk about music, audio recording, music technology, neuroscience, living with ADHD, and, I suppose, the convergence of all of these things.