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Join me in this new course: Drumming the Chakras: A deep-dive into the spiritual side of drumming

I’m excited to announce that I have a new drumming course: Drumming the Chakras.

Drumming the Chakras explores the spiritual side of drumming using the chakra energy system as a point of reference. This 5-week, 10-module course is a deep-dive into rhythms and techniques that stimulate, open, and balance the chakra system and auric field. This course is also a deep-dive into how to use drumming to access your spiritual power.

I also provide a ton of meditations and exercises to help you discover the nuances of how your chakras are running and how to optimize them for your personal growth.

Learn more here:

Exploring Alpha Tempo Drumming Rhythms for Calm and Focus

In this video, I describe what tempo and types of rhythms are needed to entrain the brain to the alpha state of conscious for calming or focusing. I also play my trusty gonga drum to demonstrate how three different alpha tempos feel.

If you are interested in playing a drum yourself, alpha tempos can be achieved with the following metronome settings (when you play 4 drum beats for each click of the metronome):

8 beats per second = 120 beats per minute

9 beats per second = 135 beats per minute

10 beats per second = 150 beats per minute

11 beats per second = 165 beats per minute

12 beats per second = 180 beats per minute

As with theta tempo drumming rhythms, the faster you play the more variable (unpredictable) the rhythmic patterns need to be.

You can learn more at

Video: Exploring Theta Tempo Drumming for Meditation, Intuition, Creativity, and Problem-solving

Traditional drum healing techniques all use tempos within the theta range. This video explores the nuances of the various tempos and describes ho to approach entraining with drumming rhythms and compares this to how REI entrains to the alpha state.

You can learn more on how to play the drums therapeutically at

Join Me on The Behind The Mind Radio Show 11am on 12/11/15

I am excited to announce that I will be the guest on the Behind The Mind Radio Show Friday December 11th at 11am Eastern time.

Behind The Mind Radio Show

The Behind The Mind Radio Show is a 1-hour bi-weekly talk show airing LIVE ON Friday 11am (EST) and Tuesday 7pm (EST), showcasing design thinkers, visionaries, game changers and innovators; while shedding light on designers of well-known and upcoming products and services both domestically and internationally. 

I will be talking about REI and his bookDifferent Drummer. I’ll offer a brief overview of the history of therapeutic rhythm-making, discuss the role of drumming in influencing brain activity, describe where REI is best utilized, and explore the artistic process in his work.

You can join me and hosts Karen Baker and Anthony Leonard live at 11am Eastern time on Friday December 11th at

Different Drummer Book Featured in Article

Jeff Strong at has an article about me and my book, Different Drummer: One Man’s Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety, and Autism.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Music performers and educators will of course find the book to be useful and gratifying, but parents of those with developmental disorders, mental health professionals, general practitioners, and educators across the board should also take note. In fact, they would all be wise to run out and pick up a copy of this book and consider Strongʼs other materials. If you yourself happen to have one of the conditions mentioned here, itʼs an absolute no-brainer to give this a try. If you have a friend who suffers one of these issues, your recommendation could help change their lives.

You can read the entire article here

You can also read more reviews and order the book on

Check Out a Video Dissecting One of the Rhythms I Use with REI

In my book, Different Drummer: One Man’s Music and Its Impact on ADD, Anxiety and Autism, I talked a lot about the development of the rhythms I use for REI and Brain Shift Radio. One of the distinguishing aspects of these rhythms is that they are strange, they are always in unusual time signatures. For most people, especially non-musicians, my descriptions are hard to follow.

Here is a video where I dissect one rhythm and show you the traditional rhythm I drew from (which is in 4/4 time) and trace the development of this rhythm into one in a time signature of 21/16 which seems to have an impact on a hand-flapping behavior often seen in people on the autism spectrum.

You can learn more about my book here

You can also watch and comment on this video on YouTube here


Drumming to Drive the Brain

Note: This is an excerpt from my book, Different Drummer, exploring the ancient technique of using a repetitive drumming rhythm to alter consciousness in the listener. Although this text refers to core shamanism, the same effects are present for anyone wanting to enter a meditative state, regardless of whether images or journeys are the goal.

Closing my eyes, I began with a steady beat of the drum. The drum’s rhythm filled my senses. I could feel it pulsing into the deepest recesses of my being. As the sound of the drum bounced off the walls of the small bare room, my ears started playing tricks on me. I heard one voice, then another. They spoke to me in a language without words, just vibration. Soon I heard more drums, more voices singing. Next, a chorus of angels. After a while I no longer heard the drum’s beat, but felt it in my body as my temples pulsated to its incessant rhythm.

My body grew heavy. I felt like I was being pushed into the ground, while at the same time being lifted, drawn out of my body by the beat of the drum. This sensation faded as I rode the rhythm to a world much different than my own.

This is a proven way to transcend reality and enter the shaman’s realm. And because of its absolute effectiveness, this technique has been steadfastly practiced for centuries. Ancient societies discovered this through years of experimentation, but modern man has labeled it, giving it a scientific sounding name: auditory driving.

The shaman’s technique relies on a fundamental aspect of the human nervous system: Our brains are rhythmically organized. Brain activity is measured as electrical impulses, and the speed of these impulses—described as frequencies—determine our level of consciousness. There are four basic levels of human consciousness, each represented by different frequency ranges.

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The Body and the Drum Workshop Feb 21, 2015 – 3-7pm

February 21st I’m helping facilitate a workshop at Studio Nia in Santa Fe. This workshop explores movement and meditation with drumming. I’ll be playing a variety of drums and using some music from Brain Shift Radio. Chloe will lead Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms™ dance movements and Denise will guide the core journeys. This workshop is almost full, so register today.

You can register at