Drum Healing

I offer a series of training course for therapeutic drumming. The drum healing course is the intro.

Drum Healing 6-week Course

Have you been in a drum circle and felt something powerful? Regardless of your previous experience or drumming skill, I’ll bet you left feeling great. You were relaxed and in the zone. Then you got home and didn’t know where to go from there.

Have you been drawn to the drum and not known where to start? You instinctively know that there is something to the drum and the power of drumming.

Have you been a client, an REI Provider or simply listened to my music and wished to see what it would feel like to pick up a drum yourself?

Have you tried to meditate and found your mind jumping all over the place?

If you find yourself saying yes to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to explore this transformational course.

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My drum healing course is designed to offer an experiential, practical and esoteric understanding of rhythm and its healing benefits. You will learn to play the rhythms. You will feel the impact of rhythm in your body and your psyche. And driven by the drum, you will meditate without effort.

The program is designed to meet you at your drumming skill level. If you are an absolute beginner (or don’t even know if you want to really learn), this program offers from-the-ground-up instruction on technique. If you are an intermediate or expert player, you will find a ton of rhythms and techniques that will challenge and inspire you.

Register for a free video training series introducing you to the course here

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